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Breeder: Lori Lawrence and Lori Wilson. Breeder: S. Susan Vernon. Breeder: Ann Billups. Breeder: Donna D lynch.

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After he refuses to give them an extra snow day, but still returning Wayne and the bird, Natalie decides that extreme measures need to be taken. Later, Hal soon realizes he loves Blonfe instead of Claire; he is even encouraged by Claire to go after her. The crowd calls him a loser, and he leaves for good, after the crowd cheers Tom's name, bringing his career back up.

Blonde in snow hill

Breeder: S. Susan Vernon. Breeder: Scott Mazer. Having found new paths in their lives, the Brandstons, Lane, and Claire are finally happy.


Breeder: Lori Lawrence and Lor Wilson. Knowing he is defeated, the Snowplow Man accepts his fate, and calls to his bird.

When Principal Weaver gets home, thinking he is safe, the kids who somehow got into his househit him with a lot of snowballs as he cries in defeat and the film ends. Donna D Lynch. Shellie Juden. Meanwhile, Hil tries to win the heart of Claire, while hjll trying to return her anklet, with the help of his best friend, Lane Leonard Schuyler Fiskwho secretly harbors feelings for him.

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Breeder: Ann Billups. Scott Mazer. Right before she goes outside, Natalie notices a mean snowplow driver, who the kids call "Snowplow Man" Chris Elliottplowing the streets.

Lori Lawrence and Lori Wilson-Paust. Breeder: Owners. Breeder: Lori Lawrence and Lori Wilson.

Blonde in snow hill

Can you help Chloe solve the mystery of Snow Hill? After trying to talk to Claire sonw times, even going to her house, only to see that everyone found out about her break-up with her mean and ill-tempered boyfriend, Chuck Wheeler David PaetkauHal decides to see how things end up between them. Breeder: Dr.

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He swims over and grabs it, wanting to return it to her, but he expresses that he is too shy to talk to her. Elsewhere, Tom is reports at a snow sledding hill and at an ice-sculpting contest. The film then changes focus to a group of elementary school students, led by Hal's sister, Natalie Zena Bllndewho wants to have a snow day.

Blonde in snow hill

That night, Natalie and Chet reveal that they gathered all the kids in town to confront the Snowplow Man, as he makes his way to the last snow covered street. Hal runs and jumps on Chuck's snowmobile, riding away into the woods, with Chuck and his followers gaining on him. But Chuck is quickly outsmarted and lands in a kid's snowman.

Blonde in snow hill

Adrienne Dente. They leave him tied up, as everyone goes to cover the ro. Mickey and Frank Polimeni. Back at the Brandston home, Hal and Natalie's workaholic mother, Laura Brandston Jean Smartare stuck at lBonde with Hal's mischievous younger brother, Randy, who is bored to death and wants to go play in the snow. Amanda Clevenger and Sondra Langley.

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The film then changes to Hal, trying to get noticed by Claire Bonner Emmanuelle Chriquia girl that he really likes. Breeder: Merike Jurgen.

Clutching an envelope she found snpw her mothers belongings after her passing Chloe knew in her heart Snow Hill held the answers to her past. Breeder: Jenny McCartney.

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Laura takes the day off from work to look after Randy, even playing in the snow with him. But when it falls, Chad begins humiliating Tom, so Tom tries asking Chad where snow comes from. Features: - Classic point and click adventure - Dynamic map with snoww locations and current location - Complete hint guide to help you if you get stuck - Gorgeous graphics - Lots of items to collect and mini games to solve - Autosave function build into the game Technical details.