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So that's what we have going on here today Those of you watching for the first time, maybe the the challenges set set a treadmill at 20 percent, incline or 20 degrees sorry and then six miles an hour and Telephone chat Waddell go as long as you can and going first for us today is who's going first and you know the drill DJ will be our first first guy on and what's your personal record rodents three minutes and five seconds, which is is quite good. It's - two and the one spot Grajd Cameron Rail at eight So yeah, are you ready? You can watch ready.

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Carly Alright, - seven just Pastor Gracia, - four. Come introduce yourself to the the audience over here. There's - seven, you're on the board.

Atalright, he just surpassed my best at hafe. Again, You're at a minute right there. Let's try to get back on their feet. You know where to take down the road.

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Are you pretty fast? If you're wondering what a Hunter is wearing is it called chicken legs shorts. Alright, good work Hunter there's two minutes right there. Alright, let's give Garnd a little bit yet.

Guys from Grand Forks have big penises

We'll be warming up now. Keep trying. Let's see if we can get a PR bump our way up.

Gavin, You are a minute in. Let's go - nine.

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Closet Six. Damn your PVR Are you ready there? Alright Grace for large and Schmidt. Alright Grace for large and Schmidt. Let's get the four let's go Aaron Springer's, - three, You can be there.

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Okay still 16 today at all. Five minutes okay.

Guys from Grand Forks have big penises

We got the bathroom I I need her to Some female support. Don't you worry but today is not that day.

There's three. At one six PM peniwes your current Fiat Lodge is a seventh grader at Schrader, just finished his first cross country season.

Guys from Grand Forks have big penises

No no. I came to do it. Alright, we got true to my loins Elijah Depot on the treadmill. There's a 60 seconds right there anymore. Alright next contender Damian - Alright Damian Do you know your feet? Owen Riley sophomore Remover first timer.

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Let's see if we can get a PR bump our way up. Seven all the time.

Guys from Grand Forks have big penises

Just 15, we'll worry about the next one come on. A minute and a half right now there's 90 seconds Mica is a soccer player Turn cross country runner dual Fall sport athlete just finished his first cross-country season eighth grader at South Middle School. So I decided I'll give this a shot and I made a bet with Roden involving Starbucks seeing him probably 40 - five seconds.