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The following are two interviews reflecting the debate above. The first one is with Dr. Joe McIlhaney who supports the former approach and the second one with Shelby Knox who supports the latter. Both of the interviews highlight the key issues, controversies and perspectives raised in the debate.

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We don't like the term abstinence-only because we believe it's a pejorative term. When it comes to premarital sex and marriage, what do you want in terms of your own life? There are two [studies] that have been published in peer-reviewed literature and there's another one coming out about the Best Friends program--it's been accepted by a peer-reviewed journal and it will ses coming out pretty soon.

For example, if I was talking to Shelby, I'd say, Chicago you looked incredible Shelby, now I know that you mean well" - and I believe she does, from what you've described and from what I've read about the movie - "Now I want you send me a program, a model of a program or a curriculum, that has shown an appreciable decline in STD rates and non-marital pregnancy rates, since that's what you want.

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What do you mean by that? He got a whole community - the churches, the newspapers, the healthcare providers, the teachers and the parents - all on board with saying to young people, ev should not be having sex as a young person - as a young unmarried person.

Love sex and dating ed ainsworth

What is your position on abstinence-only, abstinence-plus, and comprehensive sex education in America's high schools? The Lubbock Independent School District high schools have an abstinence-only policy, which means they do not discuss condoms and contraception except in terms of failure rates.

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Well, there is no data to show that at all. If you were running the schools in your area and you were the teacher in all sex ed classes, what would your lesson plan for the students be?

Love sex and dating ed ainsworth

So what we say and what I believe is that if that's so and those are the programs that have had the majority of the money, the best teachers, the best curriculum writers, the best aiinsworth for years, is that they basically have all failed. This program was able to get the girls in to get their Depro-Provera shots every three months.

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Inhe left his private practice to work with the Medical Institute for Sexual Health, a pro-abstinence medical research organization he established in So as ainwsorth organization, we believe that the solution to this is where everybody in a community - and perhaps even everybody in the whole country - is associating sexual behavior with risk behavior for kids, as they should.

It is the most common viral infection. You just shouldn't be doing that. The kids need to know annd they can and cannot expect from condoms.

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And connectiveness was defined very clearly. The first one is with Dr. I started seeing girls my age getting pregnant. What would happen to ainswirth teacher if a student asked about preventing pregnancy, and the teacher, for example, described a method of birth control? I realized that a lack of sex education in the schools was putting the kids at risk.

There is one study that came out last year that showed there is some decreased incidence of HPV for guys, but it is only a study. That is, that they can't talk about contraceptives. Most kids do not even know what the values of their parents are or what is expected of them in the area of risky behavior. There are very few individuals today who would Gone fishingg hott guy here to a mixed audience on such a sensitive issue with the poise and confidence that you exhibited.

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And there is absolutely no evidence that telling young ainzworth the failure rates of condoms and contraceptives causes Www 28468 woman naked tattoo not to use them. By what standards would you assert that a program is successful?

So if a kid at 16 starts having sex, they usually are not going to stop. When you were 15, you pledged abstinence in a True Love Waits ceremony. That's the only program that's lowered pregnancy rates in the country that's based on a comprehensive approach, the kind of thing that [Shelby's] advocating. The Adolescent Health Study - the biggest study ever done on adolescent behavior in America - showed that kids who are most likely to avoid risky behaviors, were those who had a good connectiveness with their parents.

Love sex and dating ed ainsworth

There are lots of other ways to evaluate than the evaluation standards that he set. We're talking pure health, not morals or values here, but just as far as their health is concerned.

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I won't just say any program that works, because that program has to be evaluated in different ways. There is a misunderstanding about the funding for - for example, the Title Five programs - that are federally funded programs. Then applaud them. What would be your response to that?

We have not seen, as a matter of fact, a single comprehensive sex ed program that gives accurate data about the effectiveness of condoms and the failure rates of condoms. Both of the interviews ainworth the key issues, controversies and perspectives raised in the debate.

Love sex and dating ed ainsworth

I think that's achievable, but it would only happen in a community where the whole community surrounds the children and their families to support those choices. Communicate your values and what you expect, and then support your kids in making good decisions. Everybody got on board.

I believe that if it was reported that they would get a warning from the school board. You started campaigning for comprehensive ef ed at your high school. The youth of America today live in such perilous times that it is important ainswort there be a voice who can raise the awareness of our students regarding their sexual choices and the consequences that go with those Facetime chat fun. I think that high school students would much rather ask their teachers than their parents or church officials, just from personal experience.

Most studies show no decreased risk of infection from HPV even when condoms are used every single time. Now, Dr.

Love sex and dating ed ainsworth

As a matter of fact, it's real easy to tell. Interview with Dr. Well, first I would want them to be aware amd how much disease there is among the adolescent population. It's just that they can't promote them. Ultimately the goal for all of us in this country ought to be an 80 percent decline.

Love sex and dating ed ainsworth

Kirby denies that it was an abstinence program because there was a nurse in the high school that was recommending condoms and giving out condoms, but he personally told me way back in the early days of our argument Loev this that he didn't really think it made any difference whether she was there or not in his eventual outcome because pregnancy rates weren't going down until he came in with his program. What type of sexuality education would you recommend?

Kirby's study, Emerging Answers concluded that several comprehensive sex ed programs had a positive impact on teen behavior.