Melbourne photographer sat morning you were nice

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Melbourne Convention Centre Oct 22 and 23 It took a while to get there Friday turned out to be a day of waiting though eventually all worked out well. Starting off in Adelaide there was the dreaded announcement that the plane was delayed in coming from Melbourne and we would be boarding later much later as it turned out than scheduled.

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Sunday started with tales of the dinners the night and the massive crowd that had attended Armageddon the day as everyone compared notes while waiting to go in. What did they find in store?

We are very proud and grateful to the community of Port Phillip for supporting us Understandably the sessions went late but only by 10 minutes or so which was very good and the photos were ready to be picked up within 45 minutes or sometimes less which was still pretty great considering the volume the wait had been a lot longer in Adelaide but for the Melbourne Eere they were printing alongside Melboyrne booths which seemed to be much better.

So an hour late into Melbourne due to the weather. Gold pass holders had the option to stay for both but other patrons had to choose one session or the other - didn't matter which both were great.

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How did they find melbournestyle? So you can grab a copy free with the latest issue and visit us along with all the other lovely shoppable spots in Melbourne in one go. Prior to the panels there was a short screening of a new Sci Fi project put together by a Melbokrne director. The latest series of artworks depicting Melbourne's sexiest bushranger is now on show at melbournestyle.

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Find out This is instead the place to locate souvenirs Melburnians would like to buy for themselves. Who is it? They even named it after us! Waiting for a tram in the Melbourne weather As you can see, we love to skite, so will let you know where else melbournestyle is Mslbourne on. Bring back the Conductors - the Soul of Love in stainby city.

Melbourne photographer sat morning you were nice

See you soon. They came, they photographed, and now melbournestyle is featured store in this special Australian deer's issue of Home Beautiful SEPT The world needs lo more good art from Melbourne.

Melbourne photographer sat morning you were nice

First panel for the day was Callum Blue who is apparently best known as Zod from Smallville but as I havent watched that Fwb for a sexual aa male I remember his character from Dead Like Me which along with Zod aso seemed a firm favourite amongst the crowd. At 6pm it was all over and this time there are no other Armageddon events until October next year back in Melbourne which is a shame as there would be a place for future event in Adelaide unfortunately another group booked in a similar event a few weeks before the Armageddon was due to be held mornimg it would have been too hard to draw a similar crowd twice in such as short space of time despite Armageddon's massive and better range of guests at each event for the sci fi program fans.

Or it could have been the the endless requests for hugs that made Melbourrne session drag a little.

Melbourne photographer sat morning you were nice

Due to the huge interest in seeing Amanda Tapping in particular organisers changed the schedule a little so that Amanda came Horny women in Liverpool, NY during the middle of Robin's panel and he was due to stay til halfway but continued all the way through. I left just before the end and also had to miss the Robert Picardo panel which was a shame to get downstairs and lined up for photos before the crowd departed the theatre and it was fantastic to see how well organised the apparent chaos was for the photos by staff.

These New Yorkers - they don't miss a trick At the cocktail party the guests arrived though talking to many there was a clear difference between those who arrived within a day and were still feeling the effects of jetlag and those who had been here in Australia for a few days of more. Not available to the general public - but you don't need it - you already know where we are, right? The Big Neds keep coming - And we Horny girls in Erie hold them off alone.

Don't be shy. This well researched industry handbook is the ultimate resource for inbound Japanese tour operators.

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Starting off in Adelaide there was the dreaded announcement that the plane was delayed in coming from Melbourne and we would be boarding later much later as it turned out than scheduled. Likewise Adrian Paul and Robert Picardo were also very approachable and happy to chat at length and neither seemed to have aged since their respective ature shows were at their peak.

Booking enquiries to What did they like enough to photograph? lhotographer

Melbourne photographer sat morning you were nice

Have to say that after a slow start it did pick up and by the end you were wondering what would happen next though it did appear to be aimed at the older teenage market than the Stargate type audience but there is a niche for this type of program if the director does find a sponsor to fund future episodes many of us can remember similar shows when we were young in the afternoons and Saturday mornings after the cartoons. Also mentioned was his role in The Tudors which was cut short after a fall resulting in a broken arm off a wooden horse plus the actor himself talked about his role with Billy Piper in Secret Diary of a Call Girl not to forget the passing mention of Princess Diaries 2.

Extra special thanks to the backbone of the operation - the Gingerbread Man himself - Lex, and to the divine Miss Ginger. It's not only beautiful, but as an ARI artist-run initiative it is also an affordable showspace.

Melbourne photographer sat morning you were nice

Great memento gift. Look forward to seeing you in your safari suits soon. The Batman display was again popular with the line starting early before an impromptu performance moorning Red v Blue in the theatre due to many missing out on the scheduled performance the day. Callum Blue was also recently in three episodes of Sanctuary but this was not mentioned during his very entertaining hour. Domo Arigatoo Gozaimasu!