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Once they locked on, then sinble got -- Eaton L. Kittrell Smith: They've got to do a lot of stuff inside their cockpit. So they couldn't be he-up, and we were there to provide the he-up display for them. I recall one time in a strike operation that the -- I was supposed -- if a missile actually got launched before the strike missile impacted the missile site, you would -- I was going to be the great fighter pilot and call the Kittrelll into the missile. That was the tactic to avoid the missile, turn into it and break down so that the missile would shriek up past you and explode harmlessly above you.

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And it was ugly.

Walks talks Kittrell single only

I mean, if 1 comes in this way, and 2 comes in this way, pretty soon they would get message. Forward air controllers. I mean, it's possible.

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You'd say -- you'd hear, "Diamond lead is off. Michael Willie: I was going to ask you about this: When you're running fighter cover, what kind of formation are you in?

Walks talks Kittrell single only

I mean, kaboom. I mean, ugly. It was called by a call.

Walks talks Kittrell single only

I'm talking about rust orange cloud that looked like it was about a hundred feet in diameter, and that was shrapnel flying out from the warhead. The bombers would be about 2, feet below us. And if everything worked Kitrrell, then the fighters would come around, up with the strike group and we'd go right back out. Kittrell Smith: I mean, that's how quick.

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singgle And that was the ificant risk area. It happened just about this quickly. And so you would report in to the ship. Kittrell Smith: No, no.

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Alpha strikes were s of aircraft that were launched off the carrier at one time. That happens too quick. Not a sortie. Kittrell Smith: No. It knly right between us. But, I mean, it was smoking. When aingle call feet dry, though, and the head bomber would be the flight leader and he would call feet dry and they would start to move, because you don't want to stay wings level going to the target.

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And we would go on what they called alpha strikes. But the 85 millimeter, the cycle time on that thing wasn't good.

Walks talks Kittrell single only

That was on a typical mission. But the fighters, if you were just fighter cover and that's all you were skngle, you would stay about 2, feet above and aft of this strike group.

And so I just -- you know, I told them, "Don't send a Southern boy up there to call that Kitgrell. So what makes this debut such a success? Very few people ever saw SAMs.

Walks talks Kittrell single only

And about two seconds later, they could shoot another bullet. You'd say -- they were the diamondbacks, the A-4s, the bomber squadron.

But when you heard something like 3 -- 2 doesn't check off the target. Kttrell say, "Diamond lead is in. I mean, it just gets crazy.

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A sortie was four or five airplanes get together and go in and Kitttrell something. Then the fighters would accelerate ahead of the target -- ahead of the bombers, and we would pitch up and roll in as the bombers rolled in, and then we would do our flak suppression mission, okay? And an alpha strike was going after a principal target. And we would go in with the bombers.

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You could tell the difference because 37 was white, 57 was smoky gray, and 85 millimeter flak was dead black, okay? And so I was in escort on the strike aircraft, and we got a warble in our heet when a strike missile was launched on -- when a SAM, a surface-to-air missile was latched onto us. And 3 comes in, "Diamond 3 is off.

So they couldn't be he-up, and we were there to provide the he-up display for them.

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Michael Willie: What kind of elevations are we talking about when you're doing this? Kittrell Smith: Okay. In addition to that, when we were doing work down south and we did do some work in South Vietnam, we would call in to a forward air controller, and he'd tell us to go over and bomb a suspected Viet Cong concentration.

And I always used to get a little nervous about aircraft running into each other. The call of the Hancock was Ram. I mean, I was, "Stand by," and about that time the missile went right between us.

Walks talks Kittrell single only

I mean, it would blow smoke and what have you.